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GMG’s March Basketball Bracket Challenge


This is the Inaugural Greater Mankato Growth March Basketball Bracket Challenge or GMG MBBC!

It’s March and you all know what that means, it’s madness time!  Gather together with your co-workers and get ready to make your heart race as Cinderella tries to beat the buzzer and move on to the next round.  However the ball is now in your court so whether you want to hit a fade away for 3 or slam one down, that’s up to you, just play baby!  Winning in basketball and business require much more than just talent and skill, you have to have comradery and team chemistry.  Let’s turn loss of productivity into valuable team building and have some fun while doing it! 

This bracket challenge will be set up in a standard scoring format.  A correct prediction in the first round is worth 1 point.  A correct second round prediction is worth 2 points.  A correct third round prediction is worth 4 points.   Points continue to double until the Championship game (32 points for a correct prediction).  A prediction for the total amount of points scored in the championship game will be used to break any ties.

Businesses need to remember to check back on Sunday, March 12 after all tournament selections have been made to enter your bracket information. 

Deadline to complete bracket is Wednesday, March 15 at midnight. 

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