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E2020 State of the Community Report Released

Mankato, MINN (June 3, 2015) – In the fall of 2014 the Greater Mankato community embarked on a process to re-evaluate the original goals and priorities of the Envision 2020 plan authored by citizens in 2006 to ensure the goals and priorities were still in alignment with the current state and will of the community. Today, the Envision 2020 State of the Community report was published with the results from the eight month long process.

The findings conclude that most of the original goals and priorities are still very relevant and timely but there were a few updated goals (or visions) set for the areas of Community Planning, Economic Development, Livability and Health & Wellness. To view the report please visit envision-2020.com.

The re-visioning process kicked off in October with the Envision 2020 Community Celebration Gathering with more than 200 in attendance at the Verizon Wireless Center. A community survey was conducted with 585 engaged citizens providing input, an outside facilitator then guided the review and renew process with Key Performance Area (KPA) chairs and their volunteer compromised focus groups to confirm the community's desires. Each KPA area used both the insights from the focus groups as well as the survey feedback provided by engaged citizens to help evaluate and solidify their core goals, priorities and vision. The results are now authored and archived within this newly released report which represents the current desired state of the community by year 2020. The goals and priorities provided in this report are encouraged to be utilized by businesses, city government and individuals who have the ability to align their organizational strategic goals and objectives with those of the broader community to drive positive change for our region.

“The Greater Mankato region is thriving, and one of the real catalysts for this has been the ability of our leaders to look beyond their own needs and focus more broadly on what can be done to move our community in the right direction. This “partnership” mentality is a key to the progress we have made over the years in moving the community forward to what we want it to be in 2020” said John Kind, Envision 2020 Co-Chair.

Envision 2020 Background

Envision 2020 began in 2006, with a planning and visioning stage that included well over 400 citizens taking the time to engage in the important work of envisioning a desired future for the Greater Mankato region. Together, they organized a visionary plan into six Key Performance Areas and identified a total of 34 goals. Task forces were created to implement specific goals of the plan, with more than 200 generous volunteers participating in this implementation process thus far.   

contact: Amy Linde, 507.382.3993 or alinde@greatermankato.com


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