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Community Visioning


Greater Mankato has experienced tremendous growth over the past 20 years. This growth has not been by chance, but rather the result of careful planning and progressive ideas. To ensure the vitality and livability of Greater Mankato over the next 20 years, a group of dedicated citizens, community and business leaders have created and are now implementing a plan for our promising future. 

Envision 2020 is a long-range community plan that involves over 200 community stakeholders back in 2006. Over many months of visionary work, a detailed plan was written. The Greater Mankato Envision 2020 plan defines 34 goals into 6 Key Performance Areas: Education, Economic Development, Transportation, Health & Human Services, Livability and Community Planning/Regional Governance. 

Once the plan was written, the implementation work began. The Envision 2020 Implementation Team was formed to guide the community process of implementation, support the many volunteers and task forces, and record the outcomes of their work.


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