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Forum-Series-Logo_SMGreater Mankato Growth held our May Public Affairs Forum today on The Economic Necessity of Immigration Reform. Below is a summary of the presentations and links to the slide decks and other resources.

This forum featured experts who discussed Minnesota’s upcoming workforce challenges and the importance of policy changes to better support the role of immigrants and refugees in meeting those challenges.

Our first panel featured Maura Donovan with the University of Minnesota and Bill Blazar with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. They shared the results of a recent U of M research report that shows the future strength of Minnesota’s economy depends on attracting and integrating international immigrants into its workforce. According to the report, titled “Immigrants and Minnesota’s Workforce,” demographic trends “paint a troubling picture for the growth of Minnesota’s economy,” and the report notes that “a focus on attracting more immigrants is an imperative for Minnesota in order to address the challenges linked to the slowing growth of the state’s population and labor force.”
Maura/Bill Slide Deck

The second panel featured Julie Rabaey and Mary Hogan with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency who provided an overview of their agency as well as specific information regarding their employer verification program and opportunities that exist with immigrant/international students to serve as part of the solution to workforce shortages that we’re experiencing.
Julie Slide Deck

Please don’t hesitate to contact patricio panadero with Greater Mankato Growth if you’d like to follow up with any of these speakers.

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