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Greater Mankato Growth Accepting Applications for Two Positions

Mankato, MINN (October 5, 2018) – This morning, the Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. Board of Directors approved funding for a new position and the redesign of an existing position to support the organization’s stepped-up efforts to ensure our employers have the talent they need to continue to grow and ensure our community’s future vitality.


For more than two years, Greater Mankato Growth has engaged hundreds of business leaders, community members and elected officials to help mobilize the broader community in solutions aimed at the talent shortage, including two talent summits held at South Central College last year. From those summits, an Executive Talent Council comprised of key business, education and nonprofit leaders was formed.


The work conducted by the Executive Talent Council has shown that our community is asking for Greater Mankato Growth to take a leading role to intentionally intersect businesses with the talent development resources and partners available to them. To carry out this goal, the Board approved funding for a new position known as the Talent Resource Liaison. This individual will serve as the lead staff in support of connecting employers and talent as well as activating distinct resources available to the region across the talent continuum. The first year of funding for the Talent Resources Liaison position will be provided by Greater Mankato Growth’s strategic reserve funds. Years two and three will be funded by grants and business investments identified and generated by the Executive Talent Council.


In addition, Greater Mankato Growth is also redesigning an existing position within the organization to further support our talent efforts and professional services to our businesses. The Director of Business & Community Relations, in addition to maintaining relationships with our area businesses, will help design, develop and pilot a “community concierge” program to provide comprehensive information and personalized services designed to ensure those new to Greater Mankato are able to quickly feel comfortable in the community, resulting in greater retention. This role is a redesign of the current Member Relations Director position, currently held by Karen Toft who is leaving Greater Mankato Growth for another opportunity. 


Charlie Whitaker, Executive Vice President of Taylor Corporation and Chair of the Greater Mankato Growth Executive Talent Council said, “The Council has spent the past several months diligently gathering feedback, engaging our local employers and education systems as well as reaching out to other adjacent communities to determine where the council can add the greatest value. Our mission is to not only help ease the talent gap challenge that confronts our region but to do it in a way that supports and promotes our uniquely open and inviting culture. Paramount to our success is the dedicated staff support being provided by Greater Mankato Growth. The entire council is grateful for the creative way in which Greater Mankato Growth is supporting this effort.”


“This is yet another example of the critical professional service role Greater Mankato Growth provides to our businesses and community; that of connecting businesses to the resources they need to attract, develop and retain necessary talent.”, said Jonathan Zierdt, President and CEO of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. “Time and again we are asked to do what we do best — convene other organizations and groups in order to bring about enhanced knowledge exchange, and to bring greater activation and an awareness about the tools and resources available.”


Find the position descriptions and how to apply here.


About Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. 
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. is committed to advancing business for a stronger community. It exists to intentionally develop the regional center by promoting, supporting and serving as a catalyst for economic development through business growth, retention and attraction; talent growth, retention and attraction; regional livability and advocacy of the marketplace. 

Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. consists of four business units: Greater Mankato Growth serves as the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization serving the regional marketplace, Visit Mankato focuses on visitor attraction and servicing, the City Center Partnership, focuses on development in the City Center and GreenSeam utilizes agriculture to build on the region’s extensive agribusiness assets to develop the ag economy. 


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