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Greater Mankato Growth Endorses Mankato Area Public Schools’ 2017 Operating Levy Referendum

Mankato, MINN (October 25, 2017) – Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. is offering its endorsement of the Mankato Area Public Schools’ November 7, 2017 operating levy referendum.

This endorsement was considered through Greater Mankato Growth’s Public Affairs Policy Process which included extensive review of the proposal by Greater Mankato Growth’s Public Affairs Steering Committee and a unanimous vote by the organization’s Board of Directors. More information about Greater Mankato Growth’s public affairs policy process is available at: https://greatermankato.com/public-affairs-resource.

“Our members recognize that our community’s school system is a primary tool in economic development and a vital impetus to the overall growth of Greater Mankato. Passage of this referendum will enable our most valuable resource – our children – to continue to receive a quality education and assist our community in its efforts to produce, retain and attract the talented workforce necessary for the future success of businesses in our region,” said Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. President and CEO, Jonathan Zierdt.

In evaluating the school’s proposed operating referendum, Greater Mankato Growth considered a number of criteria summarized below. You can access further details on these criteria by viewing our full endorsement document at: https://goo.gl/vCAu9r


Alignment with GMG’s Advocacy Criteria

To determine whether to lend its organizational support, Greater Mankato Growth evaluated the bond referendum using its four-part guideline that considers: 1) if the issue is consistent with Greater Mankato Growth’s mission; 2) if the action is worth the effort and resources; 3) if the issue is generally nonpartisan in nature; and 4) if the issue aligns with existing community visioning documents and strategic plans.


Greater Mankato Growth found that the operating referendum is needed to help the community respond to three key challenges: 1) growth in school enrollment; 2) ensuring a quality workforce; and 3) a shortage in available talent. 

Fiscal Responsibility

While no individual or business likes to pay additional taxes, the Mankato Area Public Schools have an excellent track record of stewardship when it comes to investing our tax dollars wisely. In our review of the school district’s proposal, Greater Mankato Growth found that the school district offers high performance at low cost, has a comparatively low operating levy, and has taken advantage of other opportunities to save taxpayers money.

“Based on the Mankato Area Public Schools’ past and current financial performance, the citizens of Greater Mankato can be confident that any new funding they provide will be managed in the same fiscally responsible way, ensuring a return on our educational investment dollars in the future,” said Zierdt.

"High-performing and competitive schools drive economic development, resulting in improvements for our workforce and overall economy. Our community’s commitment to the strength of our educational system is a tremendous asset as we position Greater Mankato as a great place to operate your business or raise your family,” said Zierdt. “Greater Mankato Growth urges all residents to vote “Yes” on the proposed Mankato Area Public Schools operating levy on November 7.”


About Greater Mankato Growth

Greater Mankato Growth (GMG) is committed to advancing business for a stronger community. As the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization serving the regional marketplace, GMG advances business through: existing business support, new business growth, business promotion, talent development, public affairs, community marketing, visitor attraction and servicing and civic engagement. Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. also includes two LLCs: Visit Mankato, which focuses on visitor attraction and servicing, and the City Center Partnership, LLC, which focuses on development in the City Center.    


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