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Greater Mankato Growth Exploring New Event for Sesquicentennial Year

Mankato, MINN (September 21, 2017) – Modeling the successful “Corporate Cups” held both in San Antonio, TX and Fargo, ND, Greater Mankato Growth is exploring the feasibility of launching a similar event during its sesquicentennial celebrations next year. This exploratory approach is one GMG has utilized before, for example recently, with the Kato eXperience Virtual Tour project and when launching the first Inter-City Leadership Visit in 2005.  

With a similar look and feel toThe Olympic Games, this new event will foster business energy, pride and opportunity. GMG is constantly seeking fresh and innovative offerings to build connections and stimulate growth. One of our core roles has always been to create connections across the business community. This event goes even further by fostering valuable and productive relationships,” said Jonathan Zierdt, President & CEO of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. “A spirited event like this has the added benefit of positioning our businesses as destinations for talent.”

Over the next few months, GMG will convene a task force to focus on design, promotions, logistics, details relating to successful execution and final approval. Any Greater Mankato Growth member that has questions or is interested in participating on the task force should contact Liz Sharp at lsharp@greatermankato.com or 507.385.6640. 


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