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Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. Reveals New Logos


Mankato, MINN (March 13, 2018) – Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (GMG) and it’s Greater Mankato Growth business unit unveiled new logos at the March 8 Annual Meeting. Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. hasn’t had any visual identification in the past, so this is a new visual word mark. Greater Mankato Growth’s logo has been refreshed with a vibrant new look and feel. 

Announced late in 2017, all four of the Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.. business units would be relocating to the first floor of the Graif building this summer. Our professional staff and volunteer boards are excited about this new level of integration and are certain this will allow us to be more effective.

Coming together in one new space means there are a number of things to update. Naturally, all print media will need updating as well as digital and other media pieces. Additionally, this September will be 150 years since the Mankato Board of Trade, now known as Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. which was incorporated and turns 10 years since the merger which created Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. This allowed us the perfect opportunity to build a new visual representation of all our business units with a separate, overarching corporate word-mark for Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.

We wanted each of our four business units to have a distinctive look and identification, so we could eliminate any confusion between the corporation and a business unit, so the Greater Mankato Growth business unit has a new logo.

Moving forward the corporate entity will be referred to as simply GMG instead of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. In turn, the business unit will be referred to as Greater Mankato Growth, not GMG. 


About Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. is committed to advancing business for a stronger community. It exists to intentionally develop the regional center by promoting, supporting and serving as a catalyst for economic development through business growth, retention and attraction; talent growth, retention and attraction; regional livability and advocacy of the marketplace.

Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. consists of four business units: Greater Mankato Growth serves as the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization serving the regional marketplace, Visit Mankato focuses on visitor attraction and servicing, the City Center Partnership, focuses on development in the City Center and GreenSeam utilizes agriculture to build on the region’s extensive agribusiness assets to develop the ag economy.


Bridget Norland, 507.385.6642

The branding updates across all our media outlets will happen over time.

The Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. Family: Visit Mankato City Center Partnership