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Greater Mankato Growth Launches New Website

MANKATO, MINN. (August 26, 2015) – Greater Mankato Growth’s website, greatermankato.com, has always been more than just a website for the organization; it serves the entire Greater Mankato marketplace with an emphasis on the business community and providing critical business information. From current and potential businesses and residents, to members of Greater Mankato Growth, the site aims to serve many.


“The website is intentionally designed to position the Greater Mankato marketplace to compete at a national and international level” said Jonathan Zierdt, president & CEO of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. “In the modern world of business development, web interactions are some of the first and most vital interactions we get with existing businesses and potential prospects, its important our site accurately and visually portrays the essence of what it’s like to be in the marketplace.”

Director of Marketing & Communications at Greater Mankato Growth, Amy Linde said “The website was last redesigned in 2012 and the market, as well as technology, has shifted significantly in the last three years. While the new site is mobile responsive, it also was updated to have a modern look and feel with more imagery and emphasis on portraying the visual story of Greater Mankato.”

Another new feature accompanying the all new greatermankato.com is a new blog written by GMG, Inc. staff. The blog will feature timely and relevant posts about what’s going on across all the program and services GMG, Inc. offers as well as marketplace announcements, original research and analysis and much more. Subscribe to the blog to get alerts as soon as posts are made.

This website update follows the fall 2014 release of the enhanced City Center Partnership website, citycentermankato.com and the Visit Mankato website redesign in fall of 2013, both organizations are affiliates of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.

To familiarize the business community with the new greatermankato.com, Greater Mankato Growth is holding an “Online Grand Opening” from August 27 – September 15, where individuals can explore the new site for a chance to win a Greater Mankato Growth Gift Basket, including a $100 Gift Card to any GMG member business.

About Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.
Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. exists to intentionally develop the regional center by promoting, supporting and serving as a catalyst for economic development through: business growth, retention and attraction; talent growth, retention and attraction; regional livability and advocacy of the marketplace. Greater Mankato Growth, Inc., the regional Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization, includes two LLCs: Visit Mankato, LLC, which focuses on visitor attraction and servicing, and the City Center Partnership, LLC, which focuses on development in the City Center.

contact:            Amy Linde, 507.382.3993 alinde@greatermankato.com     




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