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Greater Mankato Jobs is Launched

Mankato, MINN (June 5, 2017) – Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. is proud to launch an online job and internship portal called Greater Mankato Jobs. Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. has partnered with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce (MN Job Match) and RealTime Talent to host a cutting-edge matching technology that will transform the recruitment process and streamline how employers and candidates connect with each other during the job and internship search process, reducing potential turnover and overall hiring costs.

Within the last year, Greater Mankato Growth convened a Talent Task Force to help drive community-wide action plans focused on the work force shortage. More than 150 community leaders and volunteers and two summits later, an 11-member Executive Talent Council was formed and two sub-groups prompted the work that has come to fruition at greatermankatojobs.com.

Greater Mankato Jobs systematically aligns talent with opportunity by utilizing questions about interests, preferences, desired workplace environment and priority needs to begin the search process. Using correlated question-sets directed to both employers and candidates, this platform aligns talent with opportunities much like an online dating site. Job seekers and employers are matched based on their answers, skills and resume. This process provides optimal matches, reducing time and cost.

The portal provides automated reports for simpler EEOC reporting as well as notifying job seekers and employers of their top matches. It also seamlessly integrates promotion through social media and automatically posts to 5,000 other, no cost local, regional and national job sites.

“We couldn’t be happier to finally launch Greater Mankato Jobs – a streamlined tool for posting and searching for talent and internships. This is an entirely new way of thinking about the job posting, searching and hiring process altogether,” said Jonathan Zierdt, President & CEO of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. “The RealTime Talent technology does a superb job of marrying the human factor of personalities and interests with the basic job or internship duties and functions of traditional job search websites.”

Greater Mankato Growth will be hosting a series of Lunch ‘n Learn events beginning on Wednesday, June 7 from noon – 1:00 pm at Greater Mankato Growth, 1961 Premier Drive, Sakatah Trail Room. There will be five or six events held, once per week, depending on the level of interest. Registration for non-GMG Members is $20 and is offered at no cost to GMG Members.

You can find the portal and all registration details at greatermankatojobs.com.

Contact:  Brett Zallek, 507.385.6658    bzallek@greatermankato.com


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