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Hiring Veterans

Hire Our Heroes
Hiring a veteran could be the best thing you do for your business.  Many highly skilled veterans are returning to Greater Mankato and Southern Minnesota and are looking to put their training to work in a business setting. 

1.  Start by posting your available job openings on MinnesotaWorks.net  and label it “Veteran-friendly.”
2.  Visit the Minnesota Workforce Center in the Mankato Place in City Center, Mankato and contact a veterans employment representative.  Let them know you want to hire a veteran.
3.  Connect with your local Yellow Ribbon Network to find servicemembers that may be looking for a new opportunity.
4.  Post your job on the national Hire a Hero site. 

Become a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Company
Since 9/11, thousands of Minnesotans have served our country. By developing a Yellow Ribbon Network within a company, key areas unite to honor and embrace those affected by military deployments. The outward showing of support enables successful transition into the workplace for Servicemembers and creates support systems for employees affected by military deployments. The company's efforts demonstrate a public business commitment to supporting military employees and local communities resulting in enhancing their public image and building a stronger, more compassionate workplace. 


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