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Have you ever struggled doing something and said, "there has to be a better way"?  Well, that's how many of the best new inventions come about!  Visit the resources below to make sure you have the competitive advantage to bring your invention to market!

Minnesota Inventor's Congress
Minnesota investors are fortunate to have a wealth of resources to help bring their idea to market.  Redwood Fall, MN is home of the Minnesota Inventor's Congress.  With tool kits, an online resource center and an annual invention and idea show, their experience and connections make the inventor's road much less bumpy!

Planet Eureka
Planet Eureka is a national innovation marketplace dedicated to helping inventors increase innovation speed & decrease risk by accelerating Innovation Supply Chain Connections.  Inventors can market their inventions, request solutions and experts can post their services on the Innovation & Manufacturing Expertise Registry.

Manufacturing Consulting and Business Services
Enterprise Minnesota provides consulting and business services, sponsors training and professional development events, and publishes magazines and newsletters that combine strategic advice with technology to meet company quality, productivity and profitability goals. 2011 State of Manufacturing Survey Report  |  other manufacturing resources

Inventor Competitions
There are several competitions targeted towards Minnesota inventors! Check out the competitions!

Quirky.com is a competition driven by votes and other criteria designed to help inventors get products to market that otherwise wouldn't make it out of an inventor's garage.  This process eliminates the barriers so great product ideas can hit the market!  Through their unique product developing process, Quirky launches two new products each week and everyone involved gets a piece of the pie.  Check out this revolutionary inventor resource!  quirky.com


Finance Opportunities

Inventing isn't free and often times it takes a sizable financial commitment to design, prototype and launch a product into the market.  Explore all options!!  Visit our finance page to view options.

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