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Jobs Gained in Mankato - North Mankato MSA

Mankato, MINN (November 17, 2016) – The Mankato – North Mankato Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) had a slight uptick in jobs for the month of October, up by 0.4% or 242 jobs as compared to October of 2015. The Greater Mankato area saw an all-time high for employment with 57,778 jobs.

Mankato – North Mankato MSA has typically had a very strong 4th Quarter per seasonal trends. October has the highest levels of employment. The strength of the 4th quarter is related to seasonal hiring related to holiday purchasing, which impact multiple sectors including retail, wholesale, and manufacturing.

Additionally, last month’s numbers were revised to show an increase rather than a decrease in year over year job growth for the month of September.

With two months to go, the MSA is on pace to have another record-breaking year for employment. The 2016 Annual Monthly Average currently sits at 56,186 with the release of October’s employment figures. This average is up 428 jobs from the 2015 Annual Monthly Average of 55,758.




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