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Manufacturing Employment Continues to Grow

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development released the April 2017 employment figures today. The Mankato – North Mankato Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) saw a loss of 142 jobs or down 0.2% year over year in the month of April.

The bright spot in the employment figures is that for the third straight month Goods Producing (manufacturing) employment increased more than 2.5%. April manufacturing employment for 2017 is also at its highest level since the start of the Great Recession in 2008.

“It’s positive to see the consistent and encouraging growth within a key sector of our regional economy,” said Jonathan Zierdt, President & CEO of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. “However, to see the overall growth of our economy hover at the prior year’s numbers further amplifies our talent shortage and how that is thwarting continued growth.”

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