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Manufacturing Employment Hits 8 ½ Year High

Mankato, MINN (July 20, 2017) – The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development released the June 2017 employment figures today. The Mankato – North Mankato Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) saw a gain of 1,142 jobs or 2% year over year in the month of June.

This is the second consecutive month of year over year job gains. The employment growth has been driven by the manufacturing sector, growing by 4.1% from June of last year and 9.2% since January of this year.  Manufacturing (10,347 jobs) is at the highest level since December 2008. Over the past 18 months, growth in this segment had been stifled due to available employees. Realignment of industry employment (reductions in retail, for example) has allowed businesses in the manufacturing sector to implement growth strategies.

Private service providing occupations grew by 1.1% ending 10 months of employment losses. Government jobs rose by 3.6% or 348 jobs. The total net for all service providing jobs (private and public) grew by 1.6% or 736 jobs.

“At the mid-point of the year, employment in our marketplace is on pace to have another record year, despite national trends impacting our economy, such as online shopping,” said John Considine, Director of Regional Business Intelligence at Greater Mankato Growth, “Growth in manufacturing brings new dollars into our economy which can have a positive ripple effect in other sectors.  Manufacturing, as an industry, has a higher average wage than the regional average.  This can translate to more disposable income and local purchases.”

“Greater Mankato Growth understands the continued growth of our regional economy depends on the ability to attract and retain the talent our businesses need” said Jonathan Zierdt, President and CEO of Greater Mankato Growth, Inc., “That’s why we have partnered with MN Job Match and RealTime Talent Exchange to host greatermankatojobs.com as a single entry point for employers and job or internship seekers to find quality matches. Think – ‘Indeed meets eHarmony’ – this cutting-edge matching technology will transform the recruitment process and streamline how employers and candidates connect with each other during the search process, reducing potential turnover, as well as overall recruitment budgets.”

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