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Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery to Host Connect the Grey for Creative Exploration

Connect the Grey

On August 2, Connect the Grey will host an Exploration event, part of their ongoing series of tours and conversations at creative businesses, at Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery.


The event, which is open to the public, includes Chankaska’s Barrel Room Experience, with a tour that shows the vineyard’s process from soil to wine to table, as well as a tasting led by a wine educator. Participants will be invited to share what they like and notice about each wine, and join Connect the Grey for a discussion of how winemaking practices can offer lessons for their own professional challenges.


Connect the Grey's Explorations are cultural and creative outings that encourage new experiences and creative conversations. Just as athletes cross-train with a variety of exercises, it’s valuable to “cross-train your brain” by engaging your five senses and trying a range of activities. Attendees get a new burst of mental energy and inspiration while hearing from creative professionals about their unique practices.


Most recently, on July 20, an Exploration was held at WYSIWYG Juice Company in Mankato. That event included a behind-the-scenes tour, a tasting of the company’s variety of fresh juices and other organic menu items, and a discussion with co-founder Kristi Schuck on WYSIWYG’s story, mission, and creative leadership.


Explorations can also be customized for businesses and organizations, providing teams with the chance to learn together and go deeper than a typical after-work happy hour.

To sign up for Wednesday’s event, visit the registration link here. For more information, visit www.connectthegrey.com.

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