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City of Mankato and Bolton & Menk receive APWA-MN Environmental Stewardship Award

Bolton & Menk, Inc.

The American Public Works Association (APWA) - Minnesota Chapter recognized the City of Mankato at the annual conference on November 17. The City of Mankato Water Treatment Backwash Reclamation Project received the Environmental Stewardship Award for their innovative water reclamation treatment process. The City of Mankato and Bolton & Menk, Inc. identified a significant source of water that could be reclaimed for drinking water. The backwashing process required to keep ultrafilter membranes clean at their major water plant was producing 450,000 gallons per day that could be returned to the drinking water supply. Additionally, this relatively clean water discharged to the sanitary sewer added unnecessary flow at the wastewater facility. A solution was engineered that converted backwash holding tanks to reclaim tanks, avoiding the need to discharge to the sanitary sewer. The amount of water saved is equivalent to the daily use of 5,000 people. The cost and sustainability benefits of this project are more than enough to justify and offset the $1 million cost.

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