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Kiecker Law Office Book Release

Kiecker Law Office LLC

Omni Kiecker releases book — "Financially Caring for your Disabled Child, A guide to understanding the Minnesota Supplemental Needs Trust" is now available at www.kieckerlaw.com or Amazon.com.

From the authhor: My goal in writing this book is to educate you about Supplemental Needs Trusts. I want you to be informed so that when you sit down to meet with an attorney, you can understand the legal jargon of estate planning. I hope to equip you with the knowledge and tools to know what you need done as the parent of a disabled child and to ensure that everything is done properly to protect your child. It does not matter if your child has autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, schizophrenia or multiple sclerosis, there is a good chance they can and will benefit from the Supplemental Needs Trust described in this book. Anyone with a child who is currently on or may benefit from Medicaid or Medical Assistance programs will benefit from this book.


Contact: Omni Kiecker

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