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Landline and Sun Country New Partnership

The Landline Co.

Landline and Sun Country have created a partnership that allows guests to book their entire trip – airline & shuttle – from Mankato (MKT) to anywhere that Sun Country flies. This new partnership will open up low fares to 52 destinations across the U.S. for the Mankato community. Guests book at suncountry.com from Mankato (using “MKT” as their origin or destination), park for free at the Mankato airport, check in for their trip with Landline, and can check bags all the way to their final destination. The bag check service on Sun Country is offered for both outbound and inbound passengers and must be booked through suncountry.com or your favorite online travel service.  


Landline is the only transportation company in the U.S. with the ability to check bags and sell tickets in a partnership with a major airline.


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