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Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. Launches Premiere Issue of AviNation - a Youth Aviation Magazine

Lime Valley Advertising

AviNation, a national magazine dedicated to generating excitement and interest in aviation among youth, was recently launched by Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. The concept was initiated by Jacob Peed, the publisher, who saw a need for creating a publication focused on exciting youth about careers in aviation. Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. then developed the brand, designed the publication and took on the role of editor. The magazine is being printed locally by Corporate Graphics Commercial.

The goal of the magazine is to help fill the tremendous need for young people to enter the world of aviation. AviNation unites youth aviation groups across the country in their effort to attract, educate and empower young people in aviation.

With major airlines recognizing the need for this publication and the need to encourage youth to enter the field of aviation, several quickly jumped onboard to become regular advertisers. “The response in the aviation industry to this publication has been tremendous,” said Brian Maciej, President of Lime Valley Advertising, Inc. “We’re delighted to be a part of this important initiative.”

AviNation is published four times a year and is distributed to FBOs, universities, high school aeronautics programs and trade events throughout the country. The magazine connects advertisers and contributors with industry professionals, enthusiasts and those who will continue to advocate for youth in aviation.

Visit avinationusa.com for more information, subscriptions or content submission.

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