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Mankato Independent Originals Now Offers Guaranteed $15 Minimum Wage

Mankato Independent Originals
MANKATO, Minn., June 28, 2021 – Mankato Independent Originals (MIO) now offers a guaranteed minimum wage of $15 an hour for all non-tipped employees. MIO understands how essential each and every employee is and we hope higher wages will allow our staff members to have more flexibility and less stress in their lives. MIO strives to be an example for the push towards a higher living wage. 
About Mankato Independent Originals - Mankato Independent Originals (MIO) is a locally owned restaurant and catering group based in the greater Mankato area. We own Tav on the Ave, Number 4 American Bar & Kitchen, Flask Bar, Dino's Pizzeria, 3rd Street Tavern, Absolute Custom Catering, and Konsbruck Hotel. Our mission is to serve the very best ingredients and provide the highest quality of customer service to create a memorable dining experience.
Media Contact - Carissa Christenson
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