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Mogwai Collaborative to run entirely on Solar Power

Mogwai Collaborative

By Oct. 31st, Mogwai Collaborative and the entire Hubbard Building will be running entirely on Solar energy!

(115) REC solar panels - 345 watts each = Total is 39.7kw DC
(4) Solaredge Inverters - 9kw each = Total is 36kw AC
Expected energy production: 50,000 kwh a year which will offset about 40,000 lbs of carbon dioxide a year. Here's a fun calculator with lots of examples of what 50,000-kilowatt hours means - https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator
Usage in the building: This system will offset about 40% of the usage in the building, Mr. Fisher is subscribing to a Community Solar Garden for the rest of the building's power.
The panels were installed on the roof on Oct. 9th, Xcel Energy will install the meters on the 29th and then it's 100% clean energy!
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