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Online Collection of Art & Ideas Launched

Connect the Grey

Just in time for the holidays, local business Connect the Grey is featuring a new collection of art and writing available for purchase online. Launched this week, the company's website features limited edition art prints and educational eBooks, highlighted in a 12-day seasonal series. 

Connect the Grey helps organizations navigate complex challenges by drawing from art, science, business, and community. The company's founder and CEO, Janie Hanson, was inspired to combine principles from multiple disciplines when she earned her MBA after studying environmental science and studio art as an undergrad. Now, she maintains her artistic practice as a photographer, showing work in galleries and creating photographs on commission for display in clients' homes, corporate offices, and public spaces. 

"Having art in a space improves creativity, productivity, and conversation," Hanson explains. "It helps people feel more at home and more stimulated in an office or public place. We encourage all organizations to make original art part of their environment." 

With the launch of the online shop and artist feature, Connect the Grey will spotlight not only Hanson's work but also that of other community artists in southern Minnesota and beyond. Artists and craftspeople are small business owners whose success is vital to local economies, especially in small rural towns, says Hanson. 

"Featuring artists and their work allows us to support entrepreneurs who are essential contributors to their communities," she says.  

This first 12-day collection also features two original Connect the Grey eBooks that outline ideas for usefully integrating art, science, business, and community. For example, 10 Things I Learned in Art School (That Might Get Missed in Business School) explores lessons taught to artists that also inform successful business innovation, such as "how to talk about work in progress" and "how to handle criticism."  

With the recommendations shared in these eBooks, businesses can begin applying creative principles to spur improved collaboration and create a culture of innovation. Connect the Grey helps businesses practice idea generation and problem-solving, attract and retain talent, and manage risk and transitions.  

To dig deeper into Connect the Grey's ideas and take a look at the art available for online purchase, visit connectthegrey.com/shop. 

For more information on the shop and how Connect the Grey spotlights art and ideas, contact Pam Coughlan at pam@connectthegrey.com or 507-327-4621. 

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