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Plan to Pile It On

Radio Mankato

Mankato, MN – Pile It On during this year’s North Mankato Fun Days parade, volunteers will collect non-perishable food items, toiletries, and cash donations to benefit the ECHO Food Shelf. This year, the parade is scheduled for Saturday, July 9th.

There is always a great spectator turnout for the Fun Days parade; this year there will be more than 40 volunteers walking in the parade collecting donations with red Target carts, boxes and money buckets. It has become an enjoyable tradition for both the public and volunteers to help Pile It On for the ECHO Food Shelf.

“It always seems like there is so much to prepare, but with dedicated volunteers year after year it’s planned and executed without any issues,” said Stunt Monkey, organizer of the Pile It On event.

The Pile It On tradition started in 1993. This event has collected over 60,000 pounds of non-pershable items and over $35,000 in cash donations over the years. Local organizers include: KEYC-TV, Snell Motors, Target, and Radio Mankato stations including KTOE, KATO, KDOG, KXLP, KXAC, and The FAN Mankato. Additional support is provided by Mayflower.

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