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Public Art Advisory Committee Formed

Twin Rivers Council for the Arts

Mankato (MN) – Twin Rivers Council for the Arts announces the formation of a Public Art Advisory Committee representing Mankato and North Mankato. The Committee will be responsible for developing a public art collection that is integrated into the fabric of the City of Mankato and North Mankato, and reflects a broad range of community input and involvement by artists and art professionals. The Public Art Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing, advocating and developing public art projects in the public domain for both cities.  


Executive Director, Noelle Lawton was anxious to get this committee underway as public art projects in Mankato and North Mankato increase each year. “It’s important to have a broad range of perspectives and expertise at the table when considering and undertaking a public art project. For the past several years, Twin Rivers has been facilitating public art projects such as the Vetter Stone Plaza and Riverfront Drive mural through ad hoc committees, but there hasn’t been a formal system in place to assess these projects and make sure they are complementing the larger overall vision for a public art collection in Greater Mankato.”


The Public Art Advisory Committee is made up of six members of the community selected because of their expertise in visual arts, architecture, historical preservation, or affiliation with a local business association or public entity. Committee members include, Tami Paulsen (CCP board chair and formerly of Paulsen Architects and ISG), Pam Coughlan (Connect the Grey), Brian Frink (TRCA board member and MSU Art Department Chair), Antje Meisner (TRCA board VP and Antje Meisner Concepts), Richard Robbins (Minnesota State University, Mankato Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing) and Eric Lennartson (Abacus Engineering and TapeScape artist).


As the arts commission for Greater Mankato Twin Rivers felt strongly that now was the time to form this committee, given the two-year partnership Mankato is entering with Forecast Public Art to develop a public art and placemaking tool for city planners. “We want as many people involved in this learning process as possible as we start considering our own public art master plan for Greater Mankato in the near future.”




Twin Rivers Council for the Arts is a collaborative alliance of local arts and cultural organizations, individual artists, and community members who share a vision for the arts in Greater Mankato. Twin Rivers Council for the Arts serves as a unifying voice, advocating for and connecting arts groups to the community by providing services and shared resources to affiliate members throughout Southern Minnesota. For more information visit twinriversarts.org.




Noelle Lawton

Executive Director

Twin Rivers Council for the Arts

507-387-2387 / director@twinriversarts.org


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