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Sam Bloedow to Speak to Regional HR Professionals About Cybersecurity


New Ulm, 2/22/2017 - The responsibility for cybersecurity can’t lie with IT alone when so many breaches occur as a result of human behavior. On March 30, Sam Bloedow will be speaking to HR professionals in Mankato providing practical tactics that they can use to develop cybersecurity awareness and employee habits that will lessen the risk of cyber attack and its serious impacts.

In this presentation for the Southern MN Area Human Resource Association (SMAHRA), Sam will help participants understand how the cybercriminal ecosystem has evolved making small and medium sized businesses rich targets for cybercrime. He’ll guide the audience into a new understanding about cybersecurity awareness as a company priority by discussing some of the threats that employees could encounter during their work day, including social engineering, phishing, and web based exploits.

HR professionals can play an important role in how companies protect their business information and employees from cybercrime. Participants to this event will take away practical information on cybersecurity habits that can be implemented immediately, and learn guildelines for effective cybersecurity training.

Register for this event and learn more about SMAHRA on their website http://www.smahra.org/

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