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Thomsen New Network Administrator


New Ulm, MN 5/20/2016 – Thomas Thomsen is the newest Network Administrator at Thriveon, a Managed IT Services company headquartered in New Ulm. During his 20 year career Thomsen has gained expertise in many different types of Information and Technology management, including database administration, data services management, IT and engineering project management, network administration and managing the support and services department of a software company. In his role as Network Administrator, Thomsen is actively involved in the implementation of proactive IT services, and works with businesses, along with their Thriveon VCIO, to create strategies that allow the client to leverage IT for business growth.

“I enjoy the interactions I have with clients; learning about their business and talking with them about how what we do will impact them,” says Thomsen, who has degrees in both Computer Science and Business Administration. “You can’t look at technology as just a tool anymore. It’s a business function and one that can hold a company back or propel them forward.”

Jake Bloedow, Service Manager at Thriveon says of Thomsen, “Thomas has a number of years of experience in the IT industry. He brings not only an understanding of the technology, but also the understanding of how technology directly affects business outcomes.”

For Thomsen, the move to Thriveon is good for his career. He sees great opportunity at this fast growing company to make an impact quickly and advance his skills with new challenges. Equally important is the family-friendly culture and ability to have the kind of work-life balance that allows him to be there for his kids, whether it’s being on time for a ball game or being at the supper table every night.

About Thriveon

Founded in 2002, Thriveon is a family owned IT Managed Services company serving businesses in Minnesota by offering a whole IT department for a fixed monthly fee. We help companies with 15 – 500 computers improve how they leverage information and technology to achieve business success. Our proprietary Information Technology Strategy (ITS) model allows us to create and implement IT services according to each client’s unique business needs for best return on IT investment today and in the future. Our mission is to be the most helpful information and technology firm with a focus on empowering people to create business success with information and technology.

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