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Twin Rivers Council for the Arts Partners with Connect the Grey for Workshops

Connect the Grey

Twin Rivers Council for the Arts continues to expand their educational offerings to help artists learn professional skills, promote their work, and find success in their artistic careers. This summer, the arts council is partnering with Connect the Grey for a series on the intersections between art and business. 


Connect the Grey's workshops will offer practical advice for artists, as well as helping them understand how their creative experience has equipped them with skills that have value beyond the art world. These workshops are offered with support by Twin Rivers.


"It's important to us to strengthen the local arts community by providing opportunities for artists to not only build their careers but also build community with other artists and creative professionals," says Noelle Lawton, Executive Director of Twin Rivers Council for the Arts. "This summer's workshops from Connect the Grey will help support those goals." 


On June 20, "Creativity & Business" will explore the value of creative skills in business settings, as well as the importance of artists learning professional skills to build their careers. The workshop will share how the creative processes used by artists are surprisingly relevant and useful for problem-solving in the business world. Attendees will also learn how business skills can enhance and support artistic practice. 


Artists looking to market their work to a wider audience, particularly online, will learn tips and tricks in "Photographing Your Work" on July 18. This workshop helps artists capture and show off their creations, from painters wanting to display pieces on social media to theater companies taking publicity photos for shows. 


Pricing pieces is another hurdle for artists eager to take their practice to a professional level. "Artwork Pricing: Where to Begin?" on August 15 will cover common questions and considerations that go into selling works of art. Whether you’re an artist wondering how to put a price tag on your creation, or an arts enthusiast curious about how pricing works, this workshop will instill new confidence in the value of creative work. 


All three workshops will be taught by Connect the Grey founder and CEO Janie Hanson, whose skills and passions span art, science, and business. Hanson maintains a studio art practice in sculpture and photography, and previously co-owned the contemporary art gallery, Lu Magnus, in New York City’s Lower East Side. She founded Connect the Grey with the goal of using creative problem-solving and constructive dialogue to help businesses and organizations create impact. 


"It's very common to assume that art and business are complete opposites, and have nothing to do with each other," Hanson says. "The goal of these workshops is really to show artists that business thinking doesn't have to be daunting, and can help them grow as artists. And business professionals are welcome to attend to learn how a creative mindset can help them succeed, too." 

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