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More Mankato Resources

Greater Mankato Growth Inc. has compiled some best practices from current subscribers and helpful tips on how to capitalize on your More Mankato subscription. 

Each subscriber of More Mankato is either interested in recruiting new employees or generating more customer traffic. No matter your goal, to leverage your presence on More Mankato, the links and tactics below can assist in achieving your goal.

Marketing Efforts & Highlights


  • Link to all Tour Stops:  https://moremankato.com/all-tour-stops/
    • From here you can click into any tour stop and provide that direct link.  Great for sharing with a prospect interested in seeing a particular aspect of our community. 
  • Link to the Living Here page:  https://moremankato.com/living-here/
    • Includes Ambassador videos on Housing, Education, Community Living, Health, and Economy 
  • Links to Theme pages
    • Useful for sharing with a prospect interested in a particular aspect of our community
    • Useful for presenting your presence on the More Mankato website and establishing your business as a community leader.
  1. Foodies Page https://moremankato.com/out-about/foodies/
  2. Entertainment https://moremankato.com/out-about/entertainment/
  3. Shopping https://moremankato.com/out-about/shopping/
  4. Travel https://moremankato.com/out-about/travel/
  5. Parks https://moremankato.com/recreation/parks/
  6. On the Water https://moremankato.com/recreation/on-the-water/
  7. Fit Lifestyle https://moremankato.com/recreation/fit-lifestyle/
  8. All Things Sports https://moremankato.com/recreation/all-things-sports/
  9. Art https://moremankato.com/arts-culture/art/
  10. History https://moremankato.com/arts-culture/history/
  11. Housing https://moremankato.com/living-here/housing/
  12. Education https://moremankato.com/living-here/education/
  13. Health https://moremankato.com/living-here/health/
  14. Economy https://moremankato.com/living-here/economy/
  15. Community Living https://moremankato.com/living-here/community-living/

*You can also utilize the links to the Ambassador videos on each of the theme pages above.


  • Utilization at a job fair
    • Stop by Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (3 Civic Center Plaza) and pick up More Mankato branded giveaways.
      Contact Bridget Norland for more information.
    • Have a computer monitor on display at your booth showing a webpage from More Mankato.  You can utilize the tour stop you have an activation point in.
    • Talking points for selling community to prospect:  
    • “We encourage employees/staff to seek out opportunities to give back to the community.”
    • “We are a proud supporter of _________ (tour stop).”
    • “Mankato offers….” 
  • Direct Emailing with a prospect
    • Share a link of interest (see links above)
      • Useful for sharing with a prospect’s family
  • Follow up with a prospect
    • Stop by Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. (3 Civic Center Plaza) and pick up More Mankato branded giveaways.
      Contact Bridget Norland for more information.
    • Send a link to the Living Here page (see links above)

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For inspiration, here is an example of Mayo Clinic Health System’s Activation Point in the Southern Minnesota Children’s Museum’s (SMCM) virtual tour.  https://moremankato.com/tour-stops/childrens-museum/?back=out-about/entertainment

Please note how the content of the activation point connects to the Tour Stop: 

  • the video mentioning Southern Minnesota Children’s Museum  
  • referencing community wellness within the video (as the activation point is on the deli) 
  • Text within the activation point referencing SMCM

EXAMPLE:  Mayo Clinic Health Systems presence within the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota’s Tour Stop.

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Above is a screenshot of a tour stop with the green "i" activation point in right-center of screen.
Click on that and it will open a pop-up of the subscriber's activation - shown on the screenshot below.



  • On your social media, share the link to the tour stop which contains your activation point.
  • Send a link to the More Mankato home page (moremankato.com) or a link to one of the theme pages (Recreation, Art, Entertainment, etc.) that is of interest to a prospect you’ve connected with.
  • A social media campaign and digital marketing campaign is currently running in Sioux Falls SD, Des Moines IA, and Madison WI. If you recruit from these metropolitan areas or have clients there, consider leveraging the More Mankato brand in your own marketing effort in these geographies.  
  • Utilizing “Mankato” in your web copy or key words.
  • Provide a link to More Mankato and/or More Mankato logo on your:

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