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Nicollet County



Nicollet County, named in honor of French explorer Joseph N. Nicollet, lies in south central Minnesota and closely resembles an isosceles triangle with 105 miles of Minnesota River shoreline. Within the 280,866 total acres in the county, almost 245,000 acres is farmland with 24,000 acres of forest land and 12,000 acres of wetland. The county is composed of 5 cities and 13 townships.

Nicollet County


County Information



Labor Force Participation Rate:


Job Growth (2010 -2013):

4.25% (QCEW, MN DEED)

High School Graduates:

93.5% (2017 5-year ACS)

Bachelors Degree (25+):

32.2% (2017 5-year ACS)

Average Household Income:

$76,824 (2017 5-year ACS)

Travel Time:

17.9 minutes (2017 5-year ACS)



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