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Professional Development Series



Never before has Greater Mankato Growth offered the opportunity for our community to participate in this breadth of leadership training in one year. This series brings three highly-regarded and energetic speakers to our community and offers the opportunity for our members to save money by registering for package pricing. 2021 is the year to boost your career to a new level!

Location for all workshops:

Pioneer Bank - Adams Street
1450 Adams Street
Mankato, MN 56001

COVID-19 social distance protocol will be followed at all events and masks will be required for all attendees.  

Workshop Series #1:  COMPLETED

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff

Grit for Business in 2021 – 3 Session Workshop

April 7, 14, 28 | 8:30-10:30 am


Workshop Series #2:

Scott Morrell – Rebar Leadership  

"It's how you frame things."  4-Session Workshop

July 14, 21, 28, August 4  |  12:00-2:00 pm

$449 Members

$549 Non-Members


Session 1 - A picture is worth 1,000 words
July 14

How did 2020 impact your professional and personal life? What images come to mind when reflecting on the past year? Are the images clear? Blurry? In focus? Leaders who spend time self-reflecting - on real or mental images - strengthen their resilience for future challenges. Participants will be invited to select pictures taken in 2020 that represent their professional and personal lives. Lessons learned will be used for future workflows.


Session 2 - It's not what you say, it's how you say it
July 21

The volume of virtual meetings in 2020 taught us many lessons. Among the lessons we re-learned is that tone of voice says more about our intent than the words we used. Complicating matters in the virtual world was spotty internet connections, poor microphones, monitor cameras and background noise. This session will revisit what we know about images (e.g. what we see) and what we hear (e.g. tone of voice). Participants will develop a simple workflow for their strategic communication.


Session 3 - Are you real or Photoshopped?
July 28

Vision Casting 1 - What is our future strategic intent in life? At work? How do we see ourselves now and in the future? Are we authentic or a manufactured set of characteristics? This session will allow participants to design a road map for their professional and career journey in 20201 and beyond. Participants will share portfolio of a career plan in pictures to Session 4 participants.


Session 4 - Use A Zoom Lens: Just over the horizon
August 4

Vision Casting 2 - What is it that you see in the distance for yourself? Can you zoom into the future and capture reasonable image of yourself? Participants will share portfolio of a career plan in pictures to Session 4 participants.


Workshop Series #3:

Todd Thiewes – Sandler Training

Success Playbook for Career Advancement - 4 Session Workshop

September 22, 29, October 6, 13 | 8:30-10:00 am

$449 Members

$549 Non-Members


This workshop series offers emerging and current workplace leaders the chance to fine-tune their leadership skills and gain new energy to help boost their career to the next level.  It’s perfect for someone who is on track for additional responsibilities or a new leadership role within their organization.  Participants will benefit from being part of a highly energized learning environment where each session builds upon the previous session, leading to a deeper grasp of the leadership concepts presented and an opportunity to implement new skills in the workplace between classes.

More than ever, we all need structure and support to help us reach our full potential. Todd Thiewes of Sandler Training will navigate you through the following topics:

Session 1 - Time Management & Goal Setting
Wednesday, September 22

Are you managing your time or is your time managing you? We will be looking at ways to manage time effectively to help you reach your goals.


Session 2 - Communication
Wednesday, September 29

People communicate in many ways. To be a better communicator, we will look at how we communicate and how to adjust our approach to best communicate with others.


Session 3 - Leadership
Wednesday, October 6

We will identify and develop the skills associated with strong and effective leadership. We will look at the many aspects of a successful leader and how to replicate them in our lives.


Session 4 - No Guts, No Gain
Wednesday, October 13

True change takes guts and a mental toughness. We will look at the things in our life that we are “in control” of as well as the things that “need improvement”.  

Light breakfast will be provided at each session.


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A Special Thank You to Pioneer Bank for providing the space for our Workshops



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