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Retail Opportunities

Retail businesses have found a sweet spot in southern Minnesota. The Mankato-North Mankato Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is a vibrant, growing regional center, with a 2014 estimated population of 99,999 (a 17% increase since 2000). Drawing from a 4,000 square mile region, retailers here have access to a primary retail trade are population of 205,503, with additional consumers coming from an even wider area. The result is a thriving consumer market, with an increase in retail and food/drink sales from $908 million in 2000 to more than $1.6 billion in 2012- a 77% increase. And as the data that follows illustrates, Continued Growth and Increased Potential are what's in store for the marketplace and for businesses located here.


Retail Growth & Potential Brochure

Full Retail Market Potential Report


Continued Growth

Both the Mankato-North Mankato MSA and the Primary Retail Trade Area will continue to experience steady growth.


Increased Potential

*An MPI of 100 represents the U.S. average

*Unless otherwise noted, source for all data: ESRI Business Analyst Online

Based on the following figures for the region's 4,000 square mile Primary Retail Trade Area, the untapped opportunity in Greater Mankato is more than $80 million.

Greater Mankato Growth also evaluated product and consumer behaviors in the primary retail trade area (over 4,000 square miles).  In more than 50% (83/164) of the categories there was market potential index (MPI) as great or greater than the national average, including those below.




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