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Supply Chain Development Group

The Supply Chain Development Group was created in December, 2012 to provide a means for manufacturers in the region to learn more about what is being made in our area and share best practices that will lead to a stronger area supply chain and smarter procurement and sourcing practices and results.

The group meets twice annually and also has an online community for ongoing dialogue. Company representatives at all levels responsible for procurement, sourcing or buying, as well as those who oversee these functions are encouraged to be active members in the group. For more information on joining the Supply Chain Development Group, contact Tom Riley or John Considine at 507.385.6640 or triley@greatermankato.com and jconsidine@greatermankato.com


  • To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the supply chain for Mankato Area business


  • We will support local businesses whenever possible
  • We will maintain confidentiality
  • We will maintain competitiveness
  • We will work collectively on State and National issues to bring advantages to Mankato Area businesses


  • Buy Locally
  • Educate one another on Supply Chain issues
  • Networking
  • Speak with a common voice in concert with GMG
  • Leverage our contacts and exert positive influence on behalf of the Mankato Area

Prohibited Areas of Discussion
Under the antitrust laws, there are several topics that should never be discussed whenever two or more industry members get together for business or social reasons.  Because violation of the antitrust laws is a serious matter, and may result in a felony conviction and jail sentence for those involved, we need to take extreme care to make certain our discussions do not inadvertently stray into prohibited or questionable territory.

The key concept to remember is that while we can exchange information on good (and bad) suppliers, we cannot agree on common actions with regard to any of those suppliers.  Communication with competitors about key methods of competition (e.g., how we go to market and our major costs) may violate the antitrust laws.

The following topics or subjects are outside the scope of these discussions.  All participants should refrain from making remarks or references regarding the following:

  1. Your current, future or past prices, profit levels, discounts, credit terms, terms of sale, rebates, bids, coupons, promotional or advertising plans.
  2. Standardization or stabilization of prices from suppliers, purchasing costs for raw materials and manufacturing costs.
  3. Allocation of markets to specific suppliers or territories and markets for the sale of products.
  4. Refusal to deal with a supplier or a customer because of its pricing or distribution practices.
  5. Your production plans, capacities, quantities or inventories.
  6. Any information you would consider confidential or proprietary to your company.

By avoiding these subjects, all participants should feel free to engage in candid, robust exchanges of ideas on the many important topics that are lawfully open for discussion in this form.

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