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Your Membership Matters

Thank you for your investment in supporting local businesses and the regional marketplace through your membership to Greater Mankato Growth. Our team has been working to serve our members by being a critical unifying voice for the business community and now more than ever during these challenging times your investment serves as the foundation towards making our work possible. Like many businesses and organizations, we too have been significantly impacted with unforeseen revenue losses and have pivoted as an organization to meet the needs of our businesses while making many necessary shifts to reduce expenses. Membership rates have been held flat for 2021 given the unique circumstances and to do what we can to minimize costs to our businesses.

Through your investment, we are able to serve the evolving needs of your organization whether that be access to timely information and resources, advocacy, training, services, marketing opportunities, programming or other components of the wide variety of work we conduct every day as a key community non-profit focused on serving our business community. When we help businesses succeed, the community succeeds. 

As our region moves forward, our organization will continue to play a fundamental role in supporting and furthering economic growth and vitality for the regional marketplace. We appreciate your continued support of our mission and the ability to carry out the four pillars of our work which includes serving as a catalyst for economic development through business growth, retention and attraction; talent growth retention and attraction; regional livability and advocacy of the marketplace. 

  • Greater Mankato Growth has built into your renewal an “opt-in” opportunity to provide a contribution to support other member businesses and individuals unable to participate in Greater Mankato Growth programs or events due to financial limitations. Donations will be managed through the Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 and all contributions will be 100% tax-deductible. 


When businesses succeed, the community and region succeeds and we appreciate your commitment.

If you have questions about your membership, please contact Jaci Sprague, Director of Business and Community Relations, at jsprague@greatermankato.com.

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