Five Reasons Agribusinesses Succeed in Greater Mankato

These five reasons agribusinesses succeed in Greater Mankato make this South Central Minnesota community a regional powerhouse in the agriculture industry. Our region continues to make a name for itself in the global landscape through technological innovation, infrastructure investment, local and regional connectivity, a well-trained workforce, and strong commercial relationships. Greater Mankato is home to global agribusiness players like ADM & CHS Inc. Between the two plants Mankato crushes more soybeans than any other city in North America. Greater Mankato is the ideal launching pad for an investment in agribusiness as demonstrated by the thriving business already here.

Technological Innovation

As a primary industry in Greater Mankato, steady investments in agribusiness give the sector privileged access to new technologies that assist in fast product growth and processing. Sophisticated technologies in automation, temperature sensors and controls, GPS, aerial imaging, and robotics are integral to Mankato’s agribusinesses. Access to local transportation & logistics companies and first-class infrastructure add to the ease in which growth, production, and distribution occur.

Infrastructure Investment

Greater Mankato is a pillar of the GreenSeam region in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa that spans some of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. Major highways like US Highway 169/MN Highway 60 provide four-lane access from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area all the way south to Sioux City, Iowa. US Highway 14 provides four-lane access to Rochester to the east and New Ulm to the west. Interstates 90 and 35 are both within one hour each. Greater Mankato also has a regional airport, trucking services, and Class I rail access for easy distribution and trade. The region continues to invest in the infrastructure needed to ensure long-term product movement efficiency.

Local and Regional Connectivity

The infrastructure of Greater Mankato builds on and strengthens local and regional connectivity. As our primary target industry, agriculture saturates our other major industries — manufacturing, food processing, transportation, distribution, finance, and insurance. All of these industries find success as our agricultural economy flourishes.

Talent and Workforce

As one of Mankato’s top industries, a deep understanding of the agribusiness sector is central to the local workforce. Local college courses provide comprehensive training on vital agribusiness topics. Minnesota State University, Mankato’s School of Business offers the Agribusiness Food and Innovation Program, a major that prepares students for careers in agribusiness by developing their knowledge of agriculture, food, and local trends, upskilling the sector’s talent pipeline. Interest in careers in agriculture among youth is growing in the region with enrollment in Ag, Food, and Natural Resources classes multiplying 10x following their reintroduction at Mankato Area Public Schools.

Commercial Relationships

In Greater Mankato, relationships are a priority. Nothing supports the agricultural economy like dynamic and profitable business relationships. Since agriculture is a significant economic driver for our region, Greater Mankato Growth helped found an organization, named for the region, called 绿缝. This organization is a key player in ag-focused economic development and research, strategic industry attraction, business-to-business support and advocacy, and workforce development.

“This region is a powerhouse in ag food and natural resources. The fertile soils, the dependable precipitation levels and the robust supply chain that has been built out over the past few decades combine to make us a prime region positioned for the future of not only local food, but also providing food, fiber, and fuel to families around the globe,” GreenSeam Director Sam Ziegler said.

Greater Mankato Growth provides member resources like business recruitment and expansion programs, networking events, and educational programs that keep businesses connected and aware of current trends. With nearly 1,000 member businesses, eight cities, and two counties in the Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA), the support for existing and emerging businesses in the region is strong.

Five Agribusiness Growth Opportunities in Mankato, MN Region

Regional assets abound in Greater Mankato, making these five reasons agribusinesses succeed a few among many more. The Greater Mankato Growth team has the resources businesses need, and the Mankato, Minnesota, region provides the raw materials and keys to prosperity.


Businesses grow and thrive here. Opportunity lives here. Contact Ryan Vesey, Business Development Director, at (507) 385-6644 or [email protected] 了解更多信息。