Announcing GMG’s 2018 Policy Priorities

FromTheDomeThe Minnesota Legislature gavels into session today. As always, Greater Mankato Growth (GMG) will keep our members up to speed on key issues and provide the information you’ll need to be an advocate for your business. Be sure to stay tuned to this blog in the coming months as we post updates on key issues businesses should keep an eye on.

GMG’s board of directors has also approved a set of policy priorities that GMG will monitor and advocate in the coming legislative session. These priorities represent a series of policy issues (federal, state & local) that are of interest to our members and our regional marketplace. Key issues that GMG will advocate on this year are Highway 14 expansion and a new GreenSeam initiative to secure legislative support to conduct an
economic development study and develop a policy proposal for a pilot project in south-central Minnesota. It would leverage private and public investment in agriculture and
associated agribusiness to revitalize the rural economy.

In addition to our own organization’s priorities, GMG partners with organizations that help magnify our voice in advocating for key priorities. GMG is an affiliate member of the following organizations.

  • MN Chamber of Commerce Federation – The federation is a coalition of 40+ local chambers that advocate on 4-5 key statewide priorities led by the MN Chamber. The MN Chamber will have a particular focus this year on state tax competitiveness in the wake of the new federal tax bill.
  • Greater Minnesota Partnership (GMNP) – GMG has been a member of GMNP since its founding. GMNP is made up of businesses, chambers, economic development organizations, cities and higher education institutions that advocate exclusively for economic development initiatives that benefit Greater Minnesota. This year GMNP will focus on child care access and workforce housing availability.
  • U.S. Highway 14 Partnership – GMG has been a long-standing member of the شراكة الطريق السريع 14. Their primary policy objective is to secure 4 lanes from Rochester to New Ulm, primarily through funding for the Corridors of Commerce Program.
  • Hwy 169 Coalition – GMG has also been a long-standing member of the Highway 169 Coalition, who works to improve the Hwy between Mankato and the Metro.
  • US Chamber of Commerce – For the first time, GMG joined the US Chamber of Commerce. This opportunity will provide more visibility to our community and provide new resources to our members, allowing them to be better-informed advocates on behalf of their business. Stay tuned for more information coming out soon on how our members can take advantage of these new opportunities.

If you’d like additional background on our policy process, check out our advocacy flowchart. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions ([email protected] / 507-385-6657)