Mankato Free Press Best of 2022

Every year the Mankato Free Press polls residents and visitors alike to develop their annual Best of Mankato issue. This publication is full of listings of the best places to go to based on specific categories. Below is a list of winners in different dining and drinking categories. Please keep in mind that it’s a snapshot-in-time survey, and doesn’t mean that anyone who didn’t “win” isn’t very good at what they do.

Below is a partial list of winners. Check out the FULL LIST of winners هنا.



1st Weggy’s On Campus

2nd Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar

3rd NaKato Bar & Grill


Bakery / Donut Shop

1st Krusty’s Donuts

2nd 2 Pins Bakery by Tony Friesen

3rd Sugar Belly


Coffee Shop

1st Coffee Hag

2nd Neutral Groundz

3rd Tendem Bagels


Asian Cuisine

1st Shogun Sushi & Hibachi

2nd China Star

3rd Hunan Garden


Burger Joint

1st The Boulder Tap House

2nd The Thunder Bar & Restaurant



Mexican Cuisine

1stLa Terraza Mexican Grill and Bar

2ndLa Plaza F!esta

3rdEl Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant


Sub / Sandwich Shop

1st Jersey Mike’s Subs

2nd Sadaka’s Deli

3rdErbert and Gerbert’s


Pizza Place

1st Pagliai’s Pizza

2ndJake’s Stadium Pizza

3rdDino’s Pizzeria


Place to get a Steak

1st Pappageorge Restaurant & Bar

2nd The Thunder Bar & Restaurant

3rd Swiss & Madison


Vegetarian Options

1st Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar

2nd Sadaka’s Deli

3rd India Palace



1st Buffalo Wild Wings

2nd Tav on the Ave

3rd Big Dogs Sports Cafe


Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt

1st Mom & Pop’s

2ndFrozen Yogurt Creations

3rd Cold Stone Creamery


Happy Hour

1st Flask

2nd The Thunder Bar & Restaurant

3rd Pub 500


Signature Cocktail Joint 

1st Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar

2nd  Flask

3rd Pub 500



1st Chankaska Creek Ranch, Winery, & Distillery

2nd مصنع نبيذ الجزيرة الهندية

3rd Javens Family Vineyard & Winery



1st مصنع الجعة مانكاتو

2nd Schell’s

3rd Lost Sanity Brewing


Mediterranean Cuisine

1st Sadaka’s Deli

2nd Olives Mediterranean Restaurant

3rd Shawarmania Mediterranean Grill


Food Truck

1st Lola

2nd The 507

3rd TNT Eats



1stمصنع نبيذ الجزيرة الهندية

2nd  Chankaska Creek Ranch, Winery, & Distillery

2nd Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar


Family Restaurant 

1stThe Boulder Tap House

2nd Backyard Bar & Grill

1st Weggy’s On Campus


Locally-Owned Restaurant 

1st Pappageorge Restaurant & Bar

2nd Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar

3rd Backyard Bar & Grill


Chain Restaurant

1st The Boulder Tap House

2nd Buffalo Wild Wings

3rd Chipotle Mexican Grill


Fine Dining 

1st Pappageorge Restaurant & Bar

2nd Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar

3rd Swiss & Madison


Sports Bar

1st Big Dogs Sports Cafe

2nd Tav on the Ave

3rd Buffalo Wild Wings



Business Lunch 

1st Tav on the Ave

2nd Pub 500

3rd Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar


Social Lunch 

1st Ummies Bar & Grill

2nd Pub 500

3rd Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar


Patio Dining

1st Tav on the Ave

2nd Chankaska Creek Ranch, Winery, & Distillery

3rd NaKato Bar & Grill


Best Takeout/Curbside

1st Chipotle Mexican Grill

2nd Sadaka’s Deli

3rd  China Star