Maximize your Greater Mankato Growth Membership: How your Business and Employees Benefit from Community Engagement

Blog written by APX Construction Group, a Greater Mankato Growth Copper Investor.

As a proud business member of Greater Mankato Growth, APX Construction Group is actively involved with GMG Inc. on multiple levels. We’re excited to be on the blog today sharing ways businesses can maximize their Greater Mankato Growth membership to engage their employees in the community.

Business + Professional Development

Greater Mankato Growth offers countless networking opportunities for member businesses throughout the year. Including the monthly Business After Hours series hosted at different member businesses each month. These events hold great value. Each month GMG members have an opportunity to visit a community business, learn more about their mission and values and network with like-minded professionals.

In addition, Greater Mankato Growth offers several opportunities for professional development. Including sessions on company culture, career advancement and fostering a collaborative work environment. The premier professional development program, GMG Leadership Institute, has developed area leaders for over 40 years. APX COO, Mitch Rohlfing and Vice President of Sales + Marketing, Jamie Jacobs graduated from the program in May of 2022. Jessica Blais, Business + Community Relations Manager in May of 2023 and Emilie Prange, CFO, will graduate in May of 2024.

The Young Professionals program provides opportunities to make new connections. This group of 21-40 year olds participate in social and professional development events each month. APX has two team members who are active in the Young Professionals program through GMG.

Other GMG-led programs include the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collaborative and the Greater Mankato Executive Sounding Board. Each of these programs give company leaders an opportunity to collaborate and strategize with other executives, building a better future for their companies and the community.


There are many benefits to investing in the development of your team members.

Improved Performance

When employees feel supported and equipped to do their jobs effectively, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated to contribute positively to the company’s goals. Additionally, team members who participate in these types of enrichment acquire new skills and refine existing ones, helping them excel in their roles.

Employee Retention

By providing opportunities for professional growth, you demonstrate a commitment to employees’ long-term success and career advancement within the company. This enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty, reducing turnover rates. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that invests in their development and offers opportunities for advancement.

Innovation and Adaptability

A culture of learning and development fosters creativity and a willingness to experiment, which are essential for staying competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Continuous learning and skill development enable employees to adapt to changes in the industry and marketplace more effectively.


Community Engagement + Involvement

Greater Mankato Growth believes in launching businesses into the community on the right path. Chambers of commerce play a vital role in fostering a sense of community and encouraging businesses to give back through philanthropy, volunteering, and civic engagement. Participating in chamber-sponsored community events and initiatives positions your business as a community leader and contributes to social responsibility efforts.


Greater Mankato Growth offers multiple programs for your business to volunteer The Greater Mankato Growth Ambassador and Cavalier programs consist of dozens of community volunteers who represent GMG at ribbon cuttings, ground breakings and new business openings.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community. We are proud to have a team member represented on each of the Ambassadors and Cavaliers. They represent our company while welcoming new businesses to the community as well as celebrating new locations with existing businesses. Jess Blais, Business + Community Relations Manager serves as the Chair of the GMG Ambassadors in 2024. Nate Host, VP of Construction serves as a Cavalier.

Boards + Committees

Volunteering your time and talents on a board of directors or a sub committee is a great way to make an impact in our community. Each of the four GMG, Inc. business entities have a board of directors as well as multiple committees. Serving in these positions is a powerful way for leaders to develop and contribute to the growth and vitality of the Greater Mankato community.

Jamie Jacobs, VP of Sales + Marketing serves on the GMG Board of Directors. Mitch Rohlfing, COO, serves on the GreenSeam Board of Directors.


Annual events like Greater Mankato Growth on the Green, Greater Mankato Growth Business Awards and Hall of Fame, and the Annual Meeting luncheon are excellent ways for members to celebrate each others’ successes throughout the year.
Songs on the Lawn and Alive after 5 the summer music series provide an opportunity for the entire community to come together in the city center to relax and enjoy the vibrant downtown community.


Investing in the future

Your Greater Mankato Growth Membership provides countless opportunities for professional growth and development, networking, fostering meaningful business relationships and engagement with our incredible region. Ultimately, your investment as a member of Greater Mankato Growth will be as valuable as the time you are willing to commit.

Overall, engaging with a local chamber of commerce can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to establish connections, increase visibility, access resources, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the local community.