Megan Flanagan new Director of City Center Partnership

We are excited to annouMegan Fnce Megan Flanagan has been selected as our Director of the City Center Partnership. She joins the Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. team with more than 15 years of experience in the nonprofit and government sector and a portfolio of skills required to lead, facilitate and manage the business of community based, volunteer organizations. She has a keen sense for the value of a vibrant urban core, and its inextricable link to regional vitality, including other thriving commercial areas and downtowns within the regional marketplace.  Read our full release here:

Megan participated in a very thorough and involved application and interview process, which we’ve found successful when hiring folks in similar types of roles and stakeholder interactions. I want to thank a number of folks for their participation in that process:

  • The City Center Partnership Board of Governors that graciously participated in the Desk Review.
  • Members of the Primary Interview Team (Tanya Ange, Rob Else, John Harrenstein, Marie McVenes, Natasha O’Hara, Tami Paulsen, Kathy VanTol, Kevin Velasquez, Ron Vetter, Andy Willaert) for their generous contribution of time with the Desk Reviews, determining candidates to invite for an interview, and participating in the interviews themselves.
  • The staff team (Patrick Baker, Richelle Ballenger, John Considine, Trudie Gustafson, Liz Sharp, and Joelle Shouts) that participated in a final informal dialogue with Megan as we looked to finalize her appointment.

Megan is expected to begin approximately Monday, September 21.