Sunday Liquor Sales

FromTheDomeA bill that would allow liquor stores to open on Sundays was passed by the MN House of Representatives earlier this week and a Senate Committee today. The next stop will be a vote by the full Senate. This is the closest Minnesota has ever come to reversing the Sunday sales ban first enacted in the 1930s. While Greater Mankato Growth has not taken a position on this bill, we wanted to be sure our members and the community had the opportunity to weigh in with their Senators with their opinion in advance of a vote that could be taken as early as next week.

According to recent statements to KEYC, Sen. Rich Draheim is leaning toward voting ‘yes’ to allow Sunday sales, while Sen. Nick Frentz is leaning toward ‘no’. Sen Julie Rosen has voted ‘no’ in the past.

You can get contact information for our local legislators by going the elected officials tab on this webpage:

MinnPost has a good article with background on this subject.