You Can Help Combat Climate Change While Standing at Your Kitchen Sink!

Blog written by Mankato Zero Waste, a Greater Mankato Growth member.

About 47% of household food waste goes to landfills, creating 39% of the methane emitted there. This methane, which is 28 times stronger than carbon dioxide, contributes 16% of the increase in heat on the earth’s surface.*

How to reduce your methane impact? Organics recycling! Mankato Area Zero Waste has teamed up with Mankato, North Mankato, and Lake Crystal to offer a recycling option for your food waste, pizza boxes and some paper products. Dairy, meat, tissues, fruit, and other organics can be bagged and taken to collection points at Sibley Park (901 Mound Ave.), Mankato Public Works, (501 Victory Dr.), North Mankato Recycling Center, (600 Webster Ave.) and behind the Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center (621 W. Nathan St).

Residents who use this service are asked to sign up with their respective cities. Businesses can use this service for a monthly fee.

These organics are transported to a commercial compost facility where they become nutrient-rich compost. In a full circle process, your waste becomes compost, which prevents soil erosion, absorbs and conserves water, promotes soil and plant health and reduces waste. Compost also removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it in the soil. It has proven to be a major factor in farming practices that address climate change.

Mankato Area Zero Waste representatives would welcome the opportunity to talk to your organization about the project.

For a complete list of accepted materials, and information on how to get started, visit or contact the group at mankatozerowaste@gmail.

*, 08/05/2023.