2016 Annual Meeting_GMG _ Making Headlines-01January is full of fresh starts, resolutions, new energy and motivation. For us at Greater Mankato Growth, the month is filled with work on new membership items, from ordering and mailings new clings and plaques to display at your business to changing and updating website information and printed materials. Others here are working on event planning, public policy priorities, business development and so much more. But, one of our most favorite things each January is when we get to honor individuals who helped make where we are today possible.

Take a moment to check out my column in the Mankato Free Press today that introduces new data in support of one of our top regional policy priorities: expanding Highway 14 to four-lanes from Rochester to New Ulm. Greater Mankato Growth compiled population data from highway corridors across the state and what we found is that the 112 miles of Highway 14 from Rochester to New Ulm serves a population 350,000 – more than any other similar corridor in the state that already has 4 lanes. Bottom line, Highway 14 is the most densely populated highway corridor in Minnesota without a continuous four-lane connection. Highway 14 Graphic JPEG.jpg

Downtown, or the City Center, is 1.7 square mile area in the heart of Greater Mankato. It includes the Belgrade commercial corridor in Lower North Mankato and spans multiple blocks along either side of Riverfront Drive from Madison Avenue to CHS in Mankato. It includes multiple neighborhoods like "Old Town", "Washington Park" and "Sibley Park" to name just a few.

steve-simon-official-portrait1Join Greater Mankato Growth and your fellow colleagues for the first luncheon of the 2016 Issues Forum Series on February 18 with Minnesota's Secretary of State, Steve Simon.These forums bring together compelling speakers and business leaders to discuss timely and relevant political and policy issues. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about one of the most important state constitutional offices that you may have never heard of.

DLoonDoug Loon assumed the role of president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce on September 8. Since that time, he has been traveling the state on a Listen + Learn tour to learn about the issues impacting business.Doug will be in the Mankato area on Februrary 11 from 7:30-9:00 am at the Taylor Corporation (1985 Lookout Drive, North Mankato). Doug will be giving a preview of the upcoming legislative session, talking about the Minnesota Chambers's policy priorities and taking your feedback. Please make the effort to take this opportunity to meet Doug, and share your perspective on the key issues facing your business.

GM at the Capitol 2013 logoGreater Mankato at the Capitol, our region's largest citizen advocacy event at the State Capitol is taking place on March 30. This is one of the year's most impactful events, and you don't want to miss it! You can register هنا to attend. Sponsorship opportunities are also still available, you can learn more هنا (go to "Greater Mankato at the Capitol").Since Top 10 lists are the latest rage here on the Greater Mankato Growth blog, I present to you the Top 10 Reasons to Attend Greater Mankato at the Capitol:

Earlier today at a news conference the 2016 Pathfinder Award Recipients were announced. I have had the honor to assist in a small portion of the process and each year walk away amazed and energized from the kind, brave and deliberate souls that reside across Greater Mankato. There are many, too many to ever name, honor and rise up. But today, two individuals and one business got a little spotlight for their large hearts and good deeds. Read on to learn more about each of them.

سيكون عام 2015 عامًا صعبًا على القمة من حيث الاستثمار الرأسمالي. كانت هناك بعض مشاريع القطاع الخاص البارزة التي جلبت أعمالًا جديدة إلى مجتمعنا: مركز توزيع وول مارت (نعم لدينا بالفعل Wal-Mart و Sam's Club ولكن هذا مختلف قليلاً) ، مشاريع Tailwind Group (Profinium & Ridley) ، Mills Fleet Farm والمستودعات الجديدة. كانت هناك توسعات لشركات القطاع الأولي الحالية مثل Fed Ex و D&K Powder Coating و Spee-Dee Delivery و Creative Company. أفتقد العديد من الأشياء الأخرى التي لها نفس الأهمية ولكني لا أريد تحويل هذه المدونة إلى قائمة متنقلة. كي تختصر، 2015 was the convergence of many planning processes that started years ago and all came to fruition in the same calendar year.