GreenSeam is an economic development organization.

GreenSeam is dedicated to the strategic building and connecting of the region’s extensive agricultural businesses assets to the world by enhancing collaboration and investment with public and private sector partners. GreenSeam is committed to the long-term prosperity of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.

About Us

With over 1,000 ag and ag-related businesses in our region, GreenSeam is the key to unlocking the people, businesses, and communities that support the innovation and growth of the next generations agribusiness leaders.
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How We Help

We bolster the growth of the food and ag industry by strategically attracting, building, and empowering new and existing businesses, their workforce, and communities they call home.
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Who’s Here

GreenSeam is a magnet for agribusinesses interested in locating to a world-class food and agricultural epicenter. The regions’ value-chain ranges from production, processing and manufacturing to research, technology, distribution and more!
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Xirfadaha & Layliga

GreenSeam is here to help shape the future of agricultural business and communities across Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.
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What’s Going On

Learn what’s happening in the GreenSeam by subscribing to the GreenSeam Newsletter (GNews), and by participating in local and regional events!
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GreenSeam Futures

GreenSeam Futures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to be the gateway to Southern Minnesota for resources to educate, launch and grow tomorrow’s ag and food leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.
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