Guddiga Maamulka


Hal qayb oo ka mid ah Greater Mankato Growth, Inc

Kobaca Mankato, Inc. (GMG) is governed by stakeholders who represent the diverse mix of businesses within the regional marketplace. The GMG Board of Directors volunteer their time and talent to help grow Greater Mankato. Each business unit’s chair joins this board.

David Krause


Pioneer Bank

Charlie Whitaker, Past Chair, Taylor
Ben Ellingson, Secretary/Treasurer, Eide Bailly LLP
Samantha Boeck, At Large,ISG
James Hebl, MD, At-Large, Mayo Clinic Nidaamka Caafimaadka
David Kim, At-Large, Gislason & Hunter, LLP
Liz Ulman, At-Large, Dotson Iron Castings
JO Guck Bailey
Sign Pro / JGBailey Media & Communications
Jamie Jacobs, APX Construction Group
Aaron Jones, J. Longs
Dr. Annette Parker,South Central College
Paul Peterson,Dugsiyada Dadweynaha ee Deegaanka Mankato
Christine Powers, Abdo
Jennifer Spaude, At-Large, Isgaarsiin isku dhafan
Susan Arntz, Ex-Officio, City of Mankato
Kevin McCann, Ex-Officio, Magaalada Waqooyiga Mankato
Dr. Edward Inch, Ex-Officio, Jaamacadda Gobolka Minnesota, Mankato
Gary Koch, Ex-Officio, Chair of GreenSeam,Christensen Farms
Alec Pfeffer, Ex-Officio, Chair of Booqo Mankato, ISG
Jessica Potter, Ex-Officio, Chair of  Iskaashiga Xarunta Magaalada,Bulshada Taariikhda Degmada Blue Earth
Keri Johnson, Ex-Officio, Chair of Isbahaysiga Horumarinta Dhaqaalaha Gobolka / City of St. Peter


Booqo Mankato

Visit Mankato, LLC  is governed by a 15-member board of governors made up of a precise composition of stakeholders representing the tourism industry and marketplace. Visit Mankato’s Mission is to lead the development of the visitor economy in Greater Mankato.

Alec Pfeffer Visit Mankato Vice Chair

Alec Pfeffer



Gerry Burke

Gerry Burke

Vice Chair

Holiday Inn Express

Jason Ceminsky, Secretary/Treasurer, PRO TRAIN Aviation
Jennifer Moore, At-Large, Jaamacadda Gobolka Minnesota, Mankato
Kaaren Grabianowski, Minnesota River Builders Association
Nate Newhouse, Pioneer Bank – Mankato
Daniel Lee, Scheels
Beth RohrichQuality 1 Hr. Foto / SPX Sports
Cate DeBates, Hospitality Ventures
Candace Norton, MEI
Susan Arntz, Ex-Officio, City of Mankato
JO Guck Bailey, Ex-Officio, Sign Pro, JGBailey Media & Communications
Eric Jones, Ex Officio, Xarunta Dhacdada Nidaamka Caafimaadka Mayo Clinic


Iskaashiga Xarunta Magaalada

City Center Partnership, LLC is governed by a board of governors committed to furthering the Partnership’s goal to promote collaboration and foster investment in the City Center to attract and support the growth of a diverse array of business, customers, visitors, and residents to the region.

Max Demars - DeMars Constrution

Max DeMars

Vice Chair

DeMars Construction

JO Guck Bailey, CityArt Representative, Sign Pro / JGBailey Media & Communications
Scott Danger, Abdo
Jared Koch, Blethen Berens
Heather Ungerer, Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota
Mark Konz
, Ex-Officio, City of Mankato
Matt Lassonde
, Ex-Officio, Magaalada Waqooyiga Mankato

Board Members


GreenSeam, LLC is governed by a 18-member board made up of an intentional composition of stakeholders representing the diverse mix of entities within the GreenSeam region (southern Minnesota and northern Iowa). GreenSeam’s vision is to shape the future of agriculture, businesses, and communities in the region and elevate our region as the world-class food and agribusiness epicenter 

Wesley Beck


Beck Farms

Ryan Erickson

Vice Chair

AGCO Corporation

Gary Koch, Past Chair, Christensen Farms
Chris Fitzloff, Secretary/Treasurer, Compeer Financial
Matthew Berger, At-Large, Gislason & Hunter LLP
Kelcey Woods-Nord, At-Large, South Central College
JO Guck Bailey, Sign Pro / JGBailey Media & Communications
Brian Buhr, University of Minnesota
Ben Buie, Crystal Valley Cooperative
Laura Drager, ISG
Ryan Dutton, SDN Communications
Jim Heilman, CLA
Wayne Kahler, Kahler Automation
David Krause, Pioneer Bank
Jerad Michels, Eide Bailly
Mitch Rohlfing, APX Construction
John Schwartz, Schwartz Farms
Patrice Bailey, Ex-Officio, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Tim Penny, Ex-Officio, Southern MN Initiative Foundation