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As a member of Greater Mankato Growth, you are joining nearly 1,000 other businesses to accomplish what no business could ever do alone.  

Whether you are a small business owner, a representative of a large firm, or entrepreneur starting your own company, Greater Mankato Growth offers targeted benefits, valuable resources, and unparalleled support that will help you and your business grow. Our regional chamber represents Mankato, North Mankato, and surrounding areas.  



Shape Your Community

Your investment in our organization is an investment in your community. It supports economic development, advocacy efforts, travel and tourism, downtown revitalization, and community satisfaction.

Greater Mankato Advocacy

Advocate for Your Business

We serve as the voice of the business community, working tirelessly to advocate for our members and raise the visibility of our regional marketplace among policymakers. 

Invest in Your Employees

Offer your employees the opportunity to sharpen their skills, expand their network, and get engaged with our community.

Increase Your Exposure  

Member-exclusive marketing tools and multimedia presence at events and in our business directory will enhance your visibility.

Boost Your Client Base

Drive more traffic and sales to your business through chamber referrals (we refer members FIRST!).

Business After Hours 2022

Expand Your Networks

Build connections and learn from other businesses through our numerous networking opportunities available for any industry, any stage in your career, and any amount of previous networking experience. 

Be in the Know  

Receive our member-only emails and be the first to know the latest news, local announcements, legislature changes, involvement opportunities, and more.

Drive Tourism to the Area 

Attract visitors to the region through our marketing opportunities, reaching domestic and international travelers.

Let us take your business to the next level.

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