PPE for Business Preparedness Plans

PPE Procurement Source list Updated:  5.20.20; previous update:  5.14.2020

Greater Mankato Growth is working to support getting back to business. Businesses that have previously not had direct customer interaction during the Stay At Home order are laying out their COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Example templates are available 这里。

A vital part of any Preparedness Plan is hygiene. To support local businesses and boost consumer/customer confidence, Greater Mankato Growth has contacted local experts on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for helpful hints in sourcing/buying PPE for your business. By implementing your Preparedness Plan, and addressing hygiene through signage, PPE, social distancing, and other efforts, more customers will have confidence to get back to shopping in a safe environment.


  • Calculate your burn rate (rate in which you utilize PPE supplies)
  • Develop a plan for cleaning and washing reusable PPE
  • Vet your suppliers
  • Check the delivery date on your order
  • Monitor delivery status
  • Order from at least 2 suppliers
  • Keep ordering if the opportunity allows
  • More success has come from ordering a smaller amount of units more often
  • Order locally for quicker delivery and supporting local businesses

Below is a link to suppliers for PPE. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does include several local sources for PPE. It will be updated as sources are shared. If you are selling PPE please email [email protected] with the Subject: PPE for Preparedness Plan

PPE Supplier 5.18.20