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Warka Xubinta
Three Reasons Jones Metal’s Future is Looking Bright

The old adage ‘if you are not growing, you are shrinking’ is not lost on Jones Metal. Successful growth requires change and at Jones Metal we are excited to reveal some bright changes. It’s especially important for manufacturing businesses to stay relevant as technology progresses,

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U doodid
2024 Mid-Session Legislative Update

The 2024 legislative session has reached the halfway point. The first and second deadlines have passed, and major omnibus bills are starting to come together. This narrows the focus of the legislators but also increases the stakes. As these omnibus bills are put together, it

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Horumarinta Ganacsiga
Nonprofits, Units of Government, and Public Agencies Eligible to Apply for $10,000-50,000 Grants Made Available Through the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation and the Otto Bremer Trust

A total of $750,000 in grants are available to eligible organizations that are directly responding to immediate challenges in their communities. A partnership between the Otto Bremer Trust and Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation will award grants of $10,000 to $50,000 to organizations doing work within

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