Inside C.A.B. Construction

C.A.B. Construction is another success story in our community.  I got to meet with the owner and General Manager Karla Hansen, along with Team Steve:  Steve Duncan (Business Development) and Steve Brunson (Production Manager).  C.A.B. is metal manufacturer and fabricator.  They are a growing company, due in part to their strategic direction to get more into Division 5 Structural Steel after obtaining the full AISC certification.

In addition to building construction, they are also thoroughly entrenched in the local supply chain due to their work in welding, bending, rolling, notching or anything else you can do to a piece of metal  .  They have connections to soybean processing, powder coating, generator manufacturers, and mining among others.

C.A.B. has a strong partnership with educational institutions.  The photo below is of a project space dedicated to an apprenticeship program with 中南学院.  Students are able to gain valuable experience in welding that could lead to full-time employment.