Kato Engineering Expands Its Footprint as Nidec Acquires Louisiana Partner

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, USA (July 21, 2023) – Kato Engineering, a Nidec company in Mankato, MN, has a 93-year tradition of innovation and manufacturing excellence in the power generation industry, and now their more than 400 employees have an additional resource to serve customers. Nidec recently acquired Houma Armature Works, based in Louisiana and Texas, which will allow the company overall to expand its footprint in power generation.

Houma has been a Kato customer partner for more than 25 years, providing generator and motor installation and repair services to numerous industries related to power generation including oil & gas, marine, and defense.
Houma Armature Works has been a staple in the rotating equipment industry since 1972, employing dozens of people in Houma, LA, and Houston, Texas. Nidec executed a Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of Houma Armature Works effective July 1st.

“We’re so pleased to welcome Houma Armature Works to the Nidec family,” said Corey Hansen, Vice President of Service & Aftermarket for Nidec’s electric power generation division. “We have a deep respect for the people at Houma who have made it successful for more than 50 years, and we look forward to continuing that success under the Nidec umbrella.”
Houma Armature Works will continue to operate with the same name, but will also be under the Nidec, Kato Engineering and Leroy-Somer brands as well. Hansen said acquiring Houma is part of Nidec’s strategy to grow its Aftermarket business, particularly in the Southern U.S. where there is a significant customer base.

“Adding the Houma Armature Works team to the Nidec family is a key step to getting closer to our customers and servicing them at a high level,” Hansen said. “The Houma employees know the industry and that makes them very valuable to our business. We look forward to getting to know everyone and moving forward as one company.”
He added that Houma as a company shares a belief aligned with that of Nidec, Kato Engineering, and Leroy-Somer. “We all believe that quality people produce quality products which lead to satisfied customers and growing company performance. These shared values are what will make us successful together,” he said.

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