Launch of the “Kato X” Project

On Wednesday, noon November 15th, Greater Mankato Growth will launch a new website for prospective residents and tourists that will visually present the community in a virtual tour format.

The website has been in development under the name “Kato X.”  Major employers in the community including Mayo Clinic Health Systems, ISG, Nidec (Kato Engineering), Minnesota State University, Mankato, and Mankato Clinic are all top-tier partners in the project.  The website can be used by businesses to showcase the community to employee recruits, inform families considering moving to the area, and present cool spots to tourists.

The website (name/brand to be revealed on the 15th) will include 360° videos, photos and drone imagery to highlight community amenities. The website will be supported by a comprehensive and coordinated marketing campaign to get the word out. You can join the event virtually at: